Fresh Pond Research Institute
Fresh Pond Research Institute
Fresh Pond Research Institute
A non-profit scientific research institute.
- Steven Orzack, Ph.D.
- Brian McLoone, Ph.D.
- Max Shpak, Ph.D.
- Andrew Bloch, Ph.D.
- Erik Johansson, B.A.
- Ecology and Evolution
- Human Population Genetics
- Human Sex Ratio
- Census 2000 and Demography
- Orzack Publications
- McLoone Publications
- Shpak Publications
- Bloch Publications
- Adaptationism and Optimality
- Evolutionary Ecology: Concepts and Case Studies
- Sex Ratio Handbook
- Structured-Population Models
- Life Span: Evolutionary, Ecological & Demographic Perspectives  
- The Toolbox Dialogue Initiative: The Power of Cross-Disciplinary Practice  
  We are dedicated to the production of high quality science. Our present research involves pure and applied topics relating to conservation biology, demography, ecology, evolution, human morbidity and mortality, the human sex ratio, population dynamics, and population genetics.

Essential aspects of our organization are flexibility and openness. Our motto is, "Take science seriously, not yourself." More about Our Vision.

We are open to new projects and collaborations in areas of "pure" research and in areas of research that have direct environmental and social benefits. Please inquire!