Scientific Publications of Brian Mcloone

McLoone, B.M. 2012. Collaboration and human social evolution: review of Michael Tomasello's Why We Cooperate (MIT Press 2009). Biology & Philosophy 27: 137-147.

Barrett, M., H. Clatterbuck, M. Goldsby, C. Helgeson, B. McLoone, T. Pearce, E. Sober, R. Stern, and N. Weinberger. 2012. Puzzles for ZFEL, McShea and Brandon's Zero Force Evolutionary Law. Biology & Philosophy 27: 723-735.

McLoone, B.M. 2013. Selection explanations of token traits. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, Part C: Biological and Biomedical Sciences 44:342-346

McLoone, B.M. and R. Smead 2014. The ontogeny and evolution of human collaboration. Biology & Philosophy 29: 559-676.

McLoone, B.M. 2015. Some criticisms of the contextual approach, and a few proposals. Biological Theory, submitted.


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