The Consensus Approach to Resolving Heterogeneity Among Haplotype Inferrals

Most stochastic haplotype inferral methods do not address the fact that different sample paths may produce a different inferred haplotype pair for any given ambiguous genotype. CONSENSUS produces two different kinds of consensus predictions, one based on all of the sample paths and one based on those sample paths with the smallest or next-to-smallest number of different haplotypes used to resolve all of the ambiguous genotypes.

The biological and conceptual basis for CONSENSUS is presented in Analysis and exploration of the use of rule-based algorithms and consensus methods for the inferral of haplotypes. by S. H. Orzack, D. Gusfield, J. Olson, S. Nesbitt, L. Subramanyan, and V. P. Stanton, Jr. Genetics 165: 915-928 2003 and in The consensus approach to resolving heterogeneity among haplotype inferrals: a comment on Huang et al. (2008) by S. H. Orzack Molecular Ecology 18: 1553-1555 2009.

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